Our vision is to see churches in the Majority World equipped for mission and growing to maturity in Christ through the ministry of pastors and leaders who believe, teach and live by the Word of God.

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    Learn more about the worldwide ministry that is equipping pastors and leaders with God's Word, helping the global church grow in maturity and mission.

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    Langham is strategically focused to biblically equip the global church, raising up leaders of leaders in more than 90 nations.

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    • Jane_Kong_edited

      Bridging the Gap Between Sunday and Monday

      “Business people are too busy to be holy,” says Jane Kong. “Too busy to pray. Too busy for sparing time for reading the Bible.” While she could be describing the spiritual climate in just about any major metropolitan city, she’s talking about Hong Kong, where the focus on individualism, materialism and competition often leave little […]

    • SCHOLARS Featured Image

      ‘I’ve eaten the cow, but I’m struggling to finish the tail’ – Langham Scholars meet in Africa

      The first ever Langham Scholars in Africa Consultation was held in Nairobi in December 2013: four days of prayer, fellowship, teaching and encouragement. It was challenging, often moving to hear of the circumstances in which these scholars work. They spoke of children missing their parents, pressures from seminary, church, relatives – all of which have […]

    • George_Atido

      Scholar Spotlight: Meet George Atido

      “Initially, I wanted to study suffering.” When George Atido felt the call into ministry, he thought he’d go on to study suffering. It’s not hard to imagine why. The town he calls home, Bunia, was at the center of much of the conflict in the Congo during the late 90s.  Today, Bunia is predominantly Christian—although […]

  • Daily Bible Study

    18 Apr 2014

    A Commentary by John Stott Ephesians. 1:9-10.  3) The future blessing of unification. (continued).     On reading this passionate assault on ‘wall-churches’, one suspects that he is reacting against the smug, withdrawn and loveless attitudes of some Christians today – and rightly so. If he means only that the church must not barricade itself […]

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