Our vision is to see churches in the Majority World equipped for mission and growing to maturity in Christ through the ministry of pastors and leaders who believe, teach and live by the Word of God.

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    Learn more about the worldwide ministry that is equipping pastors and leaders with God's Word, helping the global church grow in maturity and mission.

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    Langham is strategically focused to biblically equip the global church, raising up leaders of leaders in more than 90 nations.

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    • Liz & Cookie meet in the local coffee shop

      ‘I have more confidence in God and in myself to face what the future holds’

      Scholarship with ‘Double Reward’ As the Care Coordinator for Langham Scholars in the UK, Liz McGregor regularly meets with the spouses of Scholars studying here – in a quiet corner of a local coffee shop with those who accompanied their partners to the UK; on Skype calls with others, who remained in their home country […]

    • Patrick-Nip-Cropped

      Trained to Bring the Gospel to the Workplace

      If anyone understands the social, economic, and development needs of Hong Kong, it’s Patrick Nip. “Hong Kong is a country with a high GDP per capita, but we also have some structural issues that we need to tackle. It’s a very busy international city, but I come across people who are disadvantaged. There are a […]

    • Julian_small

      The Story of El Ruso: From a Life of Crime to a Life of Christ

      Click to watch the music video for “El Ruso” [The Russian] and be inspired by the story that has touched hearts across Latin America and around the world.   An interview with the Langham Preacher who went from rebel to redeemed Last year we shared with you the incredible story of Julian—the former Colombian hit […]

  • Daily Bible Study

    31 July 2014

    A Commentary by John Stott Ephesians 6. 5), The abolition of slavery (continued).     The second quality of their relationship was to be justice. What is implicit here in the general instruction to masters to *do the same to them* (verse 9) is made explicit in Colossians 4:1: ‘Masters, treat your slaves justly and […]

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