What We Do

How we walk with the global church

Langham Partnership comes alongside pastors and leaders in growing Christian communities in the Majority World with resources, pastoral training and theological education so they can disciple their communities well.



Pastoral training for effective discipleship

Christians need capable, biblically rooted leaders to grow into maturity in their faith. Without this, new believers are left adrift to navigate a hostile world. We train local Christian pastors and lay leaders, giving them the tools they need to better understand and preach God’s Word.

Langham has pastor training movements in countries around the world led by local leaders who understand the context and challenges facing the local church.


Theological education for Christian leaders around the world

Theological education is invaluable. Langham equips emerging Christian leaders from around the world to receive their PhDs in Bible and theology and then serve the church in their nations. One way we do this is through funding scholarships, which allow under-resourced leaders to complete their theological education.

The graduates of these programs are the Langham Scholars. These scholars currently serve in 90+ countries across the world, with more being added every year.


Evangelical resources written for each cultural context

Many of the communities in which Christianity is growing suffer from a lack of written resources. There aren’t very many biblical books available, much less ones that are written for the native context or published in a language they can read.

A major part of our mission is to develop books that are written in and for the local context. We do this by supporting local writers and publishers, ultimately providing new Christians with relevant biblical solutions to the challenges they face today.

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