Develop Books

Believers around the world have very few biblical books and most are not written for their context. Langham works with local leaders to develop biblical resources that equip the local church.

Book Distribution

We distribute biblical resources to churches, pastors, Bible colleges and seminaries.

Book Development

We help develop groundbreaking commentaries written in and for the local context.

Publisher Support

We support writers and publishers who translate and write books for the local context.

The Result

Students, pastors and leaders have the biblical resources they need to provide biblical solutions to local issues, helping believers grow in Christlikeness.

The Impact of Books for Christian Schools

Langham provides books to Bible colleges and seminaries around the world, equipping Christian schools to equip the next generation of pastors, teachers, missionaries and leaders.

Trails of Transformation

It's not about providing BOOKS. It's all about equipping leaders with BIBLICAL RESOURCES that TRANSFORM LIVES. Follow the trail of transformation in Kenya to learn how just one book, the Africa Bible Commentary, can make such a monumental impact in one nation and multiply that impact across a continent.

books-sect-5-1Africa Bible Commentary

Called a “monumental work” by pastor Rick Warren and “publishing landmark” by Langham founder John Stott, the Africa Bible Commentary is written by Africans, for Africans and dealing with African issues. “It (the Bible) is explained in a deep way where the African people can really understand.”  Peter Karangu, Cofounder, Reaching the Unreached Ministries, Kenya.


Equipping Local Pastors

Local ministries like iServe Africa utilize the Africa Bible Commentary to train and equip pastors to provide biblical solutions to local, African issues. Pictured is Jame’s Wainaina of iServe Africa.


Multiplying x 10

Studies show that pastors and leaders that receive the Africa Bible Commentary share it with up to 10 other pastors and lay leaders, taking God’s Word down more trails leading to transformation in churches, youth groups, and communities.


Equipping Future Leaders

The Africa Bible Commentary (ABC) is utilized at Africa International University (AIU) and other Bible colleges in the area to equip thousands of students to be more effective, biblical leaders. Pictured is Dr. Tewoldemedhin Habtu, Langham Scholar, Dean of Community Life at AIU and Theological Editor of the ABC.


Spreading the Gospel

Reaching the Unreached Ministries in Kenya utilizes the Africa Bible Commentary as a resource for their itinerant pastors who travel to rural areas of Kenya to preach God’s Word and plant churches in areas previously unreached by the Gospel.  Pictured is such a church, Zebra Manyatta Church in Ngaremara, Kenya.


Supporting Local Publishers

WordAlive is a local, Langham-supported indigenous publisher that distributes the ABC to tens of thousands of students, lay leaders and pastors across Africa. Pictured is Langham USA President Benjamin K. Homan with David Waweru, CEO of WordAlive in Kenya, who says of the Africa Bible Commentary, “…suddenly people realized that God will actually speak our language.”

Testimonies from Around the World

Here is what global church leaders from around the world say about the importance of books.

  • Ram Prasad


  • Pastor Acher


  • Havilah Dharamraj


  • Gladys Mwiti


  • Adrian Pastor


"Thank you very much for sending books which are hardly available in Nepal. These books will be great blessings for our mission training center as resources for pastors and leaders…training and equipping saints for His work in Nepal and Himalayan nations."

"You cannot know how precious the books are to me and our church! There is no way to measure the good effects they will have on us…I am a billion times thankful for sending me such valuable material. "

"Here we are in our own context now, able to bring the Bible, the Scriptures alive to a whole generation of new Christians…the huge value there is that it’s Indians writing for Indians, Indians teaching Indians, Indians discipling Indians. This is the investment that Langham has made…(Speaking about the South Asia Bible Commentary (SABC))."

"The Africa Bible Commentary helped me to understand Scripture within my context as an African."

"I don’t consider myself to be in the book business. I consider myself to be in the life changing business. Obviously, I’m not changing lives, God is changing lives. Books are a great means of doing that."