Our History

John Stott understood that Christians must be transformed by the Gospel in order for the Gospel to transform the world – modeling love, compassion, forgiveness and justice for the poor and oppressed. And for Christians to grow in maturity, they need leaders who believe, teach and live by God’s Word – particularly in the global church, rich with vibrant worship, yet lacking in biblical understanding and application. That’s why, in 1969, John Stott founded the Langham Partnership, personally renouncing the income from his books and speaking honoraria to launch and grow a global movement that Tim Keller calls a “game changer.” His books have sold millions of copies in dozens of languages, but the true legacy of John Stott is one of multiplication; the story of how God planted a seed in one faithful man and grew it into a movement of leaders equipping leaders with God’s Word, impacting generations for Christ.

“Mission arises from the heart of God Himself and is communicated from His heart to ours. Mission is the global outreach of the global people of a global God.”

– JOHN STOTT, 1921 - 2011

Langham’s Timeline


The Beginning

Langham Trust is founded by John Stott, given its name from Langham Place at All Souls Church in London, where Stott pastored his adult life.


A Movement Forms

Langham spreads to the United States (1974), Canada (1978) and Australia (1979), all catching the vision to raise awareness of the needs of the global church.


A Name Change

The name in the U.S. was changed to John Stott Ministries. John Stott, in his wry British humor, would often refer to John Stott Ministries as the “ministry that resembles my name.”


Fact “Reunion”

John Stott Ministries merged with the Foundation for Advanced Christian Training (FACT). Both of these organizations could trace their roots back to John Stott, so it was, as John said at the time, “more of a reunion than a merger.”


New Ministries & Partners

The third arm of Langham’s approach to equipping the global church, Langham Preaching, was launched, with the recognition there were millions of pastors serving around the world with no training on how to teach the Bible. In addition, Hong Kong joins the Langham Partnership family.


Global Partnership

The five national organizations, comprised of UK & Ireland, U.S., Canada, New Zealand and Hong Kong, sign a protocol to define their common purpose and convictions, and commits the partnership to work together in delivering Langham’s worldwide ministry.


Langham New Zealand

New Zealand joins the Langham Partnership family through collaboration with Leadership Development International. The combined organization is know as LeaDev-Langham.


John Stott Passing

On July 27, 2011, John Stott went to be with the Lord, leaving behind a legacy that is still multiplying today around the world. One of the most influential leaders of the Christian church in the 20th Century, Stott was a man filled with grace and humility, seeking above all, to know Christ and Him crucified. Read more about John Stott


Return to Roots

Honoring the wishes expressed by John Stott prior to his death, John Stott Ministries Board of Directors unanimously approved a name change to Langham Partnership. The name aligns the U.S. with the growing worldwide movement. Learn more about this momentous change

Langham Today

Around the world, Langham is walking with the global church to help believers grow to maturity and mission. In the last year, Langham, by God’s grace, has:

Supported 73 students from 35 countries in theological doctoral programs, celebrated the graduation of 14 Langham Scholars and shepherded the ongoing ministries of more than 300 Langham Scholars around the world.

Equipped more than 10,200 pastors and lay leaders to teach God’s Word, through 228 pastor-training events and 500+ preaching groups in 63 countries.

Distributed 62,003 biblical books to majority world colleges, churches, pastors, and publishers in 77 countries and supported 12 indigenous publishers to write and print 26 local language titles.