Watch: You are bringing hope to Liberia

28 October 2019 |

Join with us in giving thanks for the video testimony of Langham-trained pastor John in Liberia. Before receiving training on how to faithfully teach the Bible, he says he would just pick a verse and preach on whatever he thought was best. Today, he calls that “a great mistake” and has committed to faithfully study and clearly preach God’s Word to his congregation. 

The Liberian church needs more trained leaders like Pastor John

We praise God for this transformation in pastor John’s preaching, knowing that it will lead to transformation in the hearts of his congregation members as they come to know Jesus. 

But the Liberian church is growing rapidly in vulnerable soil, and as many as 80% of its pastors lack biblical training. Across the country, our brothers and sisters in Christ come hungry to hear what God’s Word says in the face of everyday struggles like poverty,  lack of educational opportunities, pandemics like HIV/AIDS, and pressures from Islam and African traditional religions. Instead, many are met with false and harmful teachings that leave them vulnerable and without hope.

Matthew Gonkerwon, a Langham-trained pastor who now helps lead the training effort in Liberia, paints a stark picture:

“Described as a mile wide and an inch deep, the church is growing physically but not spiritually. Spiritual growth is shallowed with lots of false teachers and preachers, especially with the increase of prosperity gospel. Church members migrate from one church to another in search for solutions to life challenges.”

Together–we are changing that.  

How Your Partnership with Langham brings hope to Liberians

Support from faithful partners like you has made it possible for Langham to train hundreds of local pastors and lay leaders like Pastor John in Liberia. As Matthew shares, it’s making a difference:

“With the introduction of Langham Preaching, we are seeing a shift of Christians growing in the Word. The preaching within our country, due to Langham preaching training, has greatly improved.”

Pastor Paul Karr attended a training in July. Be blessed by his message of thanks:

“I am very thankful first to the almighty God for the Langham seminar. The training made a great impact on my life. I learned how to pray the Word and prepare better sermons that will impact my congregation. I had been struggling to prepare biblical sermons, but now I am able to study the passage and draw from the passage into the sermon.”

Within the last few months, you’ve made it possible for Langham to train 50+ of  Liberia’s pastors and lay leaders just like Paul and pastor John, who says:

“I want to bless God for Langham Preaching. . . Langham has greatly improved my level of preaching and teaching. I am grateful to God and the Langham family for this training.”

Your generosity has given them the tools they need to faithfully shepherd their congregations with God’s Word. We are grateful!

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