Words of hope for the Muslim world

Joseph, a Bible college student, studies in Egypt.

How can Jesus followers in Pakistan love their neighbors, standing firm in the face of persecution? How can a pastor in Nigeria help his congregation engage with Muslim friends about faith?

Questions like these press heavy on the hearts of God’s people in hard places—yet, they lack the biblical resources that help them understand and apply God’s Word.

Thanks to faithful friends like you, Langham can develop and distribute solid books, written by local leaders, that help believers in Muslim-majority regions live out and share the Good News in their communities.

Here are a few books now in the hands of pastors and leaders because of your partnership with Langham:

A Groundbreaking Commentary – The first-ever whole Bible commentary written by Arab theologians for Arabic speakers, the Arabic Contemporary Commentary now helps pastors like Yousef in Egypt, who says, “[This book] makes the Word of God relevant to us; it speaks to our needs.”

A Theology of Lament & Hope – After completing his PhD on the book of Psalms with support from Langham, Palestinian Israeli Yohanna Katanacho felt led to pray every psalm in the context of the Middle East. The result is his book, Praying through the Psalms, which encourages believers in challenging contexts with a theology of lament and hope.  

A Tool for Peacemaking – “Lord Jesus, have mercy on the Muslims and Christians in Nigeria. Give them sight so that they may see that the way to peace is dialogue.” This was Bible scholar Sunday Agang’s prayer as he surveyed the bloodshed in the aftermath of a church attack by local Muslim extremists in Nigeria. He wrote No More Cheeks to Turn to help local Christians biblically respond.

A Guide to Reconciliation – Rula Mansour, a Palestinian Bible scholar living in Israel, is passionate to see churches become agents of peace in the Middle East. It led to her PhD studies, supported by Langham, on developing a Middle Eastern theology of reconciliation. Her dissertation was published by Langham and is now a resource for church leaders in this region and beyond.

Bible student Jabari* graduated from a seminary in Cairo, where he said Langham-provided books help him study and faithfully preach God’s Word. Today, Jabari leads a church in upper Egypt that was without a pastor for many years. He says, “[These books] will help me in preparing my sermons and understanding how the biblical text applies to daily life.” By developing and distributing books that pastors and students need, Langham is equipping new generations of biblical leaders, like Jabari, to share the hope of Christ in hard places. Your support makes it possible. Thank you!

*Names have been changed to protect those serving in a sensitive region.

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