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Hearts turning to God, instead of voodoo.

In the west African country of Benin, it would not be uncommon to see a follower of Jesus praising God on a Sunday morning—and then practicing voodoo at the local temple in the evening.

Benin, one of the most under-resourced and volatile regions in French-speaking Africa, is commonly referred to as the birthplace of voodoo. And more than just a practice, it’s deeply ingrained in the culture.

Local pastor Tossoupke Kossi explains, “There are people who claim to be Christians, but you visit them and you realize they are involved in occultism and traditional practices. It’s something that they have inherited; it’s the legacy of their fathers and forefathers.”

Sadly, most pastors lack the training and resources they need to biblically address contextual issues like witchcraft and voodoo, leaving God’s people hungry to understand His Word against a backdrop of desperate poverty, corruption and harmful practices. By God’s grace, and with prayers and support from friends like you, Langham is making a way for pastors like Kossi to have resources they need to faithfully shine the light of Christ into the darkness.

With your help, Augustin Ahoga is producing biblical books that open God’s Word in Benin and across West Africa.

Augustin Ahoga, the director of Christian publisher African Bible Press in Benin, has a vision to develop biblical books that open God’s Word to believers in Benin. He says, “We produce books written by African authors to transform African readers—to help them understand the gospel in their own culture.”

Augustin believes books are key to helping his own people come out of the darkness and into the light—able to apply God’s truth to issues like voodoo, witchcraft, polygamy, and animal sacrifice.

Your generosity is making it possible for Langham to walk alongside the African Bible Press and provide the support and mentoring they need to go from producing just two or three books a year, to producing 11 books per year. Books like The Christian and African Realities and Exegesis of the Old Testament for Africans are now helping pastors and leaders apply God’s Word in their culture.

“Without Langham, I don’t know where we would be … it’s not possible for our publishing house to stand where we are,” says Augustin. And in the same breath, he proudly notes that PBA is “impacting many lives through the books we are producing.”

Bringing Light into the Darkness

Biblical books from African Bible Press help pastor Kossi proclaim hope from God’s Word.

Books produced by the African Bible Press are indeed impacting many lives.

Pastor Daniel says, “The Word of God is the light that shines into the darkness of our cultures, of our beliefs. . . I can testify that people’s lives have changed as a result of them getting in touch with the Word, with the literature. What Langham is doing is crucial.”

Pastor Kossi uses the books to train lay leaders in his church, equipping them to teach biblical truths like free salvation, which he says are challenging to understand in a culture where a sacrifice is required for every need. He shares, “Since the training, they’ve actually testified to how their preaching approach has changed.”

Augustin, describing his joy and gratitude for Langham’s support and mentorship, which you make possible, says:

“[Our publishing house] was like a tree that is falling down and Langham brings it to its feet. Now the roots start to spread and branches are coming and growing green leaves.”

This past year, through you, Langham has supported 19 indigenous publishers to produce 36 books in local languages—including 5 new titles with Africa Bible Press. Thank you for helping them develop biblical books that shine the light of Christ into hard places.

of Langham-supported publishers published the first theology, preaching, or Bible study books in a national language.

(Data from an independent study of Langham’s ministry effectiveness by Excellence in Giving, 2015-2018)

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