Measuring Langham’s Impact

Numbers rarely tell the whole story, but yet they often augment narratives with fascinating details. For instance, many folks recall the account of how Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes, often referred to as the feeding of the 5,000. The Bible includes a “headcount” because the number of people fed was an essential part of understanding God’s power at work!

Similarly, as a ministry, Langham keeps a close eye on the number of people being impacted by our work, along with other key metrics. To assist with this process, we look to an external agency, Excellence in Giving, which has designed the research methodology, collects and analyzes the data — and helps us evaluate and assess the impact of Langham’s work around the world.

In all honesty, when we look at the research data, we stand in awe at God’s gracious power! And we invite YOU to join us in giving thanks to the Lord for what He has done!

In 2022…

  • Langham supported 85 PhD students from 44 Majority World countries who will go on to train over 800,000 people throughout the course of their lives.
  • Langham supported the involvement of 23 Majority World postdoctoral scholars in International Research and Training seminars (IRTS) to maximize their impact as institutional leaders, teachers, key authors, and speakers.
  • Langham supplied 14,635 Bible-centered books to 700 Majority World colleges across 79 countries to help students grow and mature in Christ
  • Langham distributed 32,722 books to Majority World pastors, students, and ministry partners in need of biblical study materials.
  • Langham supported 23 indigenous publishers in 20 different countries producing 36 heart-language titles.
  • Langham held 276 preaching training seminars, equipping 9,800+ pastors and lay leaders in 63 countries.
  • Langham shepherded 1,143 preaching clubs of 7-10 pastors and leaders meeting regularly for ongoing training and mentoring.

Please pray that God will help us make even more progress in 2023 as we seek to make sure every church has a well-trained pastor!

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