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Havilah Dharamaraj earned her PhD in Old Testament, a rare achievement among South Asians, especially South Asian women. Her academic journey started when her interest in God’s Word was stirred at a mid-week church Bible study. Ultimately, it also required the encouragement of friends who believed in her and the support of Langham Partnership. She realizes that her achievement has provided her with opportunities for greater influence.

“I see my PhD as a door. Theology certainly can change culture, and that’s the reason why education is so, so important to be able to speak with authority. To have a PhD authorizes you. It gives you the credentials you need to be able to speak into society and be heard. It gives you a voice. And with that, it’s possible for a trickle-down effect, for empowering those who are in the lower categories. I take great joy in experiencing, almost on an everyday basis, the breaking down of these barriers.”

Havilah Dharamraj

Indeed, for 16 years now since earning her PhD, Dr. Dharamraj has opened doors for others through her trailblazing and her investment in the potential she sees. Meet some of her students and hear the gratitude in their words as they reflect on Havilah’s impact on their lives.

Meet Havilah’s Former Students

Youth Pastor, Campus Ministry Staff

“She looks at people for their potential and works with that person continuously. It is about finding what that person is good at and making him the best at that.”

Langham Scholar, Writer/Editor for South Asia Study Bible, Co-Editor of Exploring the Old Testament in Asia

“When I first joined the seminary, there were no women faculty. So, to have someone like her was inspiring in the sense that I could see that this is possible, that this is not something out of reach. Her opening the door for me has been very instrumental in getting into the career that I have now.”

Senior Pastor, Co-Author (with Havilah) of commentary on Ruth

“Working alongside Dr. Havilah, she just has this way of helping you fan the gift aflame. And I know that when I’m struggling, there’s this person who has gone ahead of me in this journey who knows how to encourage me in diligence and in excellence.”

Senior Pastor, current Langham Scholar, Writer for South Asia Study Bible

“Little did I know that I would end up doing a PhD, but she’s the one who instilled belief in me that I could do it. What Langham has done for Dr. Havilah has not just stayed with her. I’m actually a ‘grand-student’ to her. She invested in one person and that person invested in my life. The chain goes on.”

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