Watch: You Help Them Follow Jesus in Thai Culture

Tasanee (at left) and her team at Kanok Bannasan say “thank you” for helping them develop books that bring Christ into Thai culture!

Rejected by family and friends. Isolated and misunderstood for following a “western” religion. This is the daily reality for Thailand’s Christians, who represent just 1% of the population. Because Buddhism is deeply embedded in Thai identity, Christ followers face great challenges as they struggle to live out their faith within their culture. Together, we are helping to change that. With your generous support, Kanok Bannasan, an evangelical publisher in Bangkok, is producing needed Christian literature written by and for Thai believers. These books are bringing Christ into the culture, and into the hearts of Thai Christians, in a region where there are very few good biblical resources.

Books Changing Lives

Pastor Chukkrawt holds up a book he’s received from local publisher Kanok Bannasan. It helps him shepherd his congregation to follow Jesus in a primarily Buddhist culture. Your generosity helps bring these books to life!

Since 2014, Langham has helped Kanok Bannasan produce 13 books, including Delighting in the Trinity, How to Read the Bible for All its Worth, and several books in the Pray, Prepare, Preach series.

Publishing manager Tasanee Yanasiddhi shares, “Your support impacts the life of the people . . . Pastors are eager for books. The books help the church to stand firm in our faith.”

When these books make it into the hands of pastors like Chukkrawt, lives change. Pastor Chukkrawt leads a church just north of Bangkok, and he helps train and mentor other pastors with Langham Preaching. He says that these books written in his language and for his context help him faithfully teach Scripture to his congregation.

A Dream Realized: The First Thai Theology Book

Langham Scholar Satanun Boonyakiat holds his book, Thai Christian Theology. Your support helped bring it to life!

Tasanee has been able to oversee not just the translation of key biblical books into the local language, but the development of the first groundbreaking books written by Thai scholars.

Tasanee says, “It’s a dream to have our local people write for our local Christians, because as Thai Christians we understand our people.”

Local author Satanun Boonyakiat, who received his PhD with support from Langham, says, “One of the biggest challenges of Thai Christians is to be able to live in a Thai society, to honor Thai culture, but to stand firm in Christian faith.” This motivated him to want to write a book that brings God’s Word into the Thai context.

In 2017, with Langham support, Satanun wrote Thai Christian Theology, the first theology book written by a Thai Christian scholar for Thai people. Published by Kanok Bannasan, it was written to reach pastors, lay leaders, seminary teachers, students, and new believers hungry to understand how God’s Word relates to their primarily Buddhist context.

“I love to communicate God’s truth to people in a way they can understand and apply to their everyday lives,” Satanun says. “If the Thai people understand how to do theology, I think it will help us live in our culture more fruitfully. We, in turn, will be a living theology. When others look at our lives, they will see good news from God.”

Khun, a local leader who ministers to students in Thailand, says, “Today I have a tool to help me understand [my] questions because A Thai Christian Theology is written by a Thai theologian who understands the Thai context!”

Your Support Makes a Difference

The church in Thailand says “thank you!” for your support that strengthens the faith of God’s people.

Tasanee reiterates: “Without you, we cannot produce the biblical books to serve pastors and Christian leaders and many in our society. [Thank you for] walking alongside us in sharing the gospel,  and expanding God’s kingdom in Thailand.”

This past year alone, you’ve helped Langham support 22 publishers like Kanok Bannasan across 17 countries to produce 55 books in local languages. On behalf of the pastors, lay leaders, seminary students and teachers, and all believers who now have access to a biblical book written in their language, for their culture—thank you!

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