Stocks and Mutual Funds

Donating stock providers all of the benefits of a cash contribution and more. If you have stock that you have owned for over one year, you may donate it to Langham Partnership and use its fair market value as of the date the gift is made to the amount of your donation. This benefits both Langham Partnership and you. You are not required to pay any capital gains taxes on it because you have donated rather than sold it, and we receive the full value of stock (less broker fees).

Whether your stack is an account or you hold the certificates, please notify our broker, Ryan Wieser of Moloney Securities, and he will explain the process to you.

Langham broker contact information:

Ryan Wieser
Moloney Securities
13537 Barret Parkway Drive
Suite 300
Manchester, MO 63031
TF: 1-800-628-6002
P: (314) 909-0600
F: (314) 909-0606

To give a stock gift now, download our Langham Partnership Stock Gift Form.

Click here to send us an email with any questions you might have or call us at (480) 595-5117.

Gifts or Real Estate

You can turn your real property into a life-changing gift to bring hope and transformation to the global church by donating real estate such as homes, condos, farmland, commercial or rental property and undeveloped land in variety of ways:

  • Make an outright gift
  • Give a fractional interest in a property
  • Donate your home today and continue living in it for your lifetime.

In addition to impacting God’s Kingdom around the world, the benefits of giving real estate include:

  • Income-tax deduction for the fait market value of the rea estate
  • No capital gains tax on transferred appreciated property
  • Elimination of expenses and responsibility of owning property

If you have any questions about making gifts of real estate, click here to send us an email or call us a (480) 595-6117.

Gifts of Insurance

You can use your life insurance policy to bring hope and transformation in Chirst around the world. For a insurance policy that has outlived its originally intended purpose and you no longer belive is necessary, did you know that you can give your lige insurance policy to Langham Partnership today and receive a charitable income tax deduction?

Consider naming Langham Partnership as partial, full or contigent beneficiary of your life insurance policy. You will continue to own and can make us of the policy during your lifetime, the policy will be included in your taxable estate then you pass away, but your estate wil benefit from an estate tax charitable deduction for the value of the gift to Langham Partnership.

If you have questions making a Lige Insurance Policy gift, please click here to email us or call at (480) 595-5117.

Gift of Grain, Livestock & Other Commodoties

If you produce commodoties, such as grain and livestock, you can give by selling the product in Langham Partnership’s name. This is a great way to use your assets to advance God’s Kingdom. If you have any questions about making a gift of grain, livestock or other commodity, please click here to email us or call us at (480) 595-5117.

Planned Giving

After providing for your family and loved ones, you may want to consider putting Langham Partnership (formerly John Stott Ministries) in your will. Bequests are free of estate tax and can substantially assure the long-term impact of this vital work.


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For question related to stock or other asset gifts, pleas fill out the contact form below and we will contact you to provide the information you need to maximize the impact of your gift around the world.