Stories of Stewardship
A Growing Legacy Giving Family

Praise God for the 50 households who have committed nearly $6 million in gifts through their estate as members of our Cross of Christ Legacy Fellowship. Here are some of their stories…

“We are happy to make a legacy gift to Langham because Langham supports Christian thinking and teaching, two of the most strategic ministries in the world today. Langham does this work with great integrity, so we trust them with this gift.”

Joel and Janis Carpenter

“Of all the worthwhile nonprofits, Langham is at the top of my list because of their comprehensive vision to expand God’s kingdom, strengthen the body of Christ, and bring others into the faith.  It is a joy for me to be part of legacy giving!”

Ann Martin

“I will forever be grateful to God for the opportunity to meet John Stott. My spiritual life has been deeply enriched because of him.  It has been my privilege to support Langham Partnership over the years and to now leave a legacy gift for future generations.”

Nancy Cocconi

“Because of its solid evangelical foundation and integrity, Langham Partnership is worthy of my support.  By including Langham in my estate plan, I can help the ministry have the funds they need for the future.  Having had the opportunity to meet John Stott at his church in London when I was a college student, I feel a unique connection to Langham and appreciate being able to support his vision and this ministry.”

Larry Absheer

“John Stott’s vision was new and exciting to me.  I’m proud to help carry on his legacy of helping the Word of God spread to so many different countries.  I feel privileged to be a small part of this great ministry and encourage others to do the same.”

Jane Hoffman

Why Consider Legacy Giving?

Many people love to include Langham in their will or trust because a legacy or planned gift is…

  • A Joyful Act of Worship – All we have comes from the Lord, and as we plan to give generously to Christ and his mission we honor him with our resources.
  • A Powerful Way to Strengthen the Church Around the World – For many, a gift in your will or trust or a beneficiary designation will be the largest financial gift you are ever able to make.
  • A Compassionate Way to Care for Your Family and Loved Ones – Making plans allows you to consider what is best for your family and loved ones, and also provide an example of what you love and value for future generations.
  • A Smart Way to Steward Your Resources – Certain gift options have tax benefits that allow you to give more to your family and to kingdom work.

Most Common Planned Giving Options

Ways to Bring Hope Around the World

Gifts in a Will or Trust

Create a life-changing legacy with your gift by including Langham Partnership in your estate planning.


Gifts from Your Retirement Account

Use your retirement account to support the global church intelligently with current giving and a legacy gift.


Stock Giving

Donating appreciated securities such as stocks and bonds can save on taxes and make a big impact.


Donor-Advised Fund Giving

Use a Donor-Advised Fund to leverage tax deductions and giving.


Create a life-changing legacy with your gift by including Langham Partnership in your estate planning.


One of the smartest ways to support the global church with current giving and a legacy gift.


Experience a double tax benefit when you receive a tax deduction for the fair market value of the gift and also avoid paying capital gains tax.


Use a Donor-Advised Fund to leverage tax deductions and giving.


Resources to Help You on Your Stewardship Journey

Free Charitable Planning

Because so many of our friends can benefit from charitable planning, we have entered into partnership with a network of Christian charitable planners who can help you with your charitable planning. At no cost to you and with no obligation, a planner will answer your questions with clarity, integrity and the utmost confidentiality. They can help you make important, God-honoring decisions in an atmosphere of complete confidence and trust.

Planners are located in different regions of the country, and are available to meet by phone, over Zoom, or in person. To get introduced, simply reach out to Kevin VandenBrink at or 314-488-0256.

Welcome to The Cross of Christ Legacy Fellowship

If you have already included Langham in your will, trust, or beneficiary designation, we would love to hear about it and to welcome you to our growing community of Legacy Fellowship members! Click here to email Kevin VandenBrink (Langham’s Legacy Giving Director), or download the PDF form below and follow the instructions included.

The Legacy of John Stott

John Stott founded Langham Partnership in response to the opportunities he heard around the world. In an act of joyful obedience, Stott donated 100 percent of his book royalties and speaking honoraria to launch and seed the growth of this ministry. His legacy continues to impact the church in more than 130 nations through the work of Langham.

For this reason, we created The Cross of Christ Legacy Fellowship. The name reflects John Stott’s passion for the cross as the grounds of his salvation, yet it also reflects the heart of Langham’s ministry and is the title of one of Stott’s most beloved books.

Learn more about The Cross of Christ Fellowship.

We’re Here to Help

Kevin VandenBrink, Planned Giving Director for Langham Partnership, is a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy (CAP®) and a member of the National Association of Charitable Gift Planners. He is passionate about helping people like you who care about the global church and long to be wise stewards. He also brings to the Langham team many years of engagement in theological education, pastoral ministry, and global missions.

Kevin would love to hear your story, celebrate what the Lord is doing through Langham, and visit with you about the options and benefits of including Langham in your planned giving. Please click here to send an email to Kevin VandenBrink, pictured to the left, or call Kevin at (314)488-0256.

Learn More About Leaving a Legacy of Impact

Download our Planned Giving Guide below, an e-book resource developed to help you best steward your God-given resources to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world.

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