Making a Gift of Stock

Donating stock provides all of the benefits of a cash contribution and more. If you have stock that you have owned for over one year, you may donate it to Langham Partnership and use its fair market value on your gift date as the amount of your donation. This benefits both Langham Partnership and you. You are not required to pay any capital gains taxes on it because you have donated rather than sold it, and we receive the full value of stock (less broker fees).

Whether your stock is in an account or you hold the certificates, please notify our broker, Ryan Wieser of Moloney Securities, and he will explain the process to you.

Langham broker contact information:

Ryan Wieser
Moloney Securities
13537 Barret Parkway Drive
Suite 300
Manchester, MO 63031
TF: 1-800-628-6002
P: (314) 909-0600
F: (314) 909-0606

To give a stock gift now, download our Langham Partnership Stock Gift Form.

Click here to send us an email with any questions you might have or call us at (480) 595-5117.

What to do next

  1. Download Documents: Download the Stock Gifts Information Sheet PDF to begin the stock donation process electronically or manually.
  2. Confirm with Financial Professional: Provide the account information to your financial professional or directly contact Langham’s broker, using his contact in the linked information sheet above.
  3. Notify Langham: Notify us of your gift. Contact Jack DeGrenier at or call us at 480-595-5117. Be sure to include your name, date of gift issuance, name of appreciated securities, and estimated value.
  4. Print Donation and Tax Receipt: Langham will contact you to confirm receipt of gift and issue tax receipt. Print and save these receipts.