Watch: A special thank you from Ethiopia

BY kirakrieger | 22 November 2017 |

Watch and be encouraged by this short, 2-minute message of thanks that comes to us from Langham Scholar Dr. Ermias…
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Building a People of God

BY vmarsay | 11 January 2017 |

Langham Literature is investing in teamwork through cutting-edge techniques. A pastor in Zambia used his writing project as a teaching…
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Slavic Bible Commentary launched

BY vmarsay | 22 November 2016 |

Landmark commentary launched in Ukraine – the first edition has already sold out Christian leaders from Russia and the Ukraine…
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‘Langham helped me stay in the message’

BY vmarsay | 9 November 2016 |

Pastor Bo leads a growing church in a remote province of Cambodia near the Thai border, where Buddhism is the…
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Asia Commentary Series Launches in South Korea

BY kirakrieger | 21 September 2016 |

When typhoon Haiyan destroyed a large city in the Philippines in 2013, a five-year-old girl asked her parents why God had allowed…
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Something to Hold on to in Bandung

BY kirakrieger | 2 August 2016 |

There is growth with depth inside St. Peter’s Church in Bandung, Indonesia, where the pastor, Daniel (not pictured), has been…
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“God, if you exist, please help me now.”

BY kirakrieger | 16 June 2016 |

“God, if you exist, please help me now.”  In 1992, this was Slavko Hadžić’s desperate prayer to a God he…
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Hungry for Good Bible Teaching

BY kirakrieger | 24 May 2016 |

It was while watching the confusion, hopelessness and even suicide of his fellow university students following the Russian invasion of…
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Making Bridges to the Gospel in Sri Lanka 

BY hlocke | 4 May 2016 |

In Sri Lanka, a patchwork of hope is being woven into the broken fabric of society. The threads that bind…
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Ministering with the Living Water in Kenya

BY kirakrieger | 25 January 2016 |

The thirst Jesus mentions in John 4 is well known to the people of Samburu–a pastoral, nomadic community in north-central…
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