God on the Move in Ghana: A conversation with Femi Adeleye

1 June 2017 |
In Ghana, like many countries across the Majority World, vibrant congregations are exploding with growth. Yet each Sunday, as a growing ...
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How far would you travel to preach the Bible?

30 May 2017 |
In Myanmar, two Langham Preaching trainers push the limits.   Chris Wright reports on a visit in February. It was ...
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New Langham Preaching App launched!

30 May 2017 |
An exciting new App for phones and tablets has been launched by Langham Preaching, to help pastors prepare sermons and ...
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Breaking new ground in challenging Serbia

16 May 2017 |
In Serbia, a Balkan country with a population of 7 million, there are just 10,000 evangelical Christians. The main religion ...
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‘This is our story…’

6 March 2017 |
Expository Preaching: Vision – Passion – Action Just how does one become a Bible expositor? Edgar was so hungry to ...
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‘Langham helped me stay in the message’

9 November 2016 |
Pastor Bo leads a growing church in a remote province of Cambodia near the Thai border, where Buddhism is the ...
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Trained, ready, and rearing to go!

30 August 2016 |
The nine Spanish ‘Preaching’ regions Tackling a centuries-old famine of the word The flourishing of a national Langham Preaching movement requires many ingredients. The LP ...
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Something to Hold on to in Bandung

2 August 2016 |
There is growth with depth inside St. Peter’s Church in Bandung, Indonesia, where the pastor, Daniel (not pictured), has been ...
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“God, if you exist, please help me now.”

16 June 2016 |
“God, if you exist, please help me now.”  In 1992, this was Slavko Hadžić’s desperate prayer to a God he ...
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Swapping ‘Hats’ in Trinidad

15 June 2016 |
Practical, and immediately helpful Earlier this year, fifteen preachers, including one Langham Scholar, who have all had Langham Preaching training, ...
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