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Learn from Christian leaders from around the world.

Our Global Voices Daily Email features excerpts from works written by Majority World scholars on various relevant theological and biblical topics. Join us every Monday through Friday to learn and broaden our perspective on the Christian experience through the wisdom of global brothers and sisters.

Langham multiplies transformational leaders who bring Christ into their cultures in 130+ countries across Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. They become leaders within their regions and powerful voices within their cultures.

Langham’s Global Voices Daily Email brings these powerful Majority World voices to the hearts of Jesus followers in the west. You’ll be blessed and encouraged daily by resources like:

Excerpts from indigenous Bible commentaries like the Africa Bible Commentary and the Asia Bible Commentary Series

Videos and podcast excerpts sharing stories of hope from the global church

Global perspectives on theology, biblical scholarship, missions, and Christian living from Majority World thinkers

For more biblical insights from global church leaders, be sure to check out these other Langham resources:

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Articles, Blogs, and Videos from Global Church Leaders

Let me read it first >