Photos from the Frontline: Ministering in the Midst of Ebola

4 December 2014 |

A few weeks ago we shared with you an update from Chris Jonah, Langham’s preaching coordinator for Sierra Leone, who gave a firsthand account of how Ebola is impacting the communities in his country. Chris and his team continue to faithfully serve on the frontlines of this crisis as they encourage people to heed the sanitary instructions given by health officials (especially critical as some are teaching that if believers have enough faith, they won’t be infected), provide food and supplies where needed and share the Good News of the living God as part of their regular radio broadcasts.

Here are some photos that show how they are ministering on the frontlines of the Ebola crisis. (NOTE: To scroll through the images, use the forward and backward arrows at the bottom right of each photo.)

Please join us in lifting up these specific prayer requests from Chris:

  • That our government officials will be sincere in the fight.
  • That people will put aside cultural practices that are enhancing the spread of the disease (eg bathing the dead at home).
  • For the family of Martin, a Christian doctor, who died recently.
  • For wisdom as we plan to reach out to some of the most remote parts – using canoes/boats etc.
  • That we will continue to tell about the Savior in all these circumstances