A Reason for Hope

8 November 2013 |

PHOTO OF THE WEEK: A Reason for Hope


Elizabeth Sila, Machakos, Kenya

As a lay leader at her church, Elizabeth has been receiving training from Langham on how to effectively teach God’s Word for two years. She is also a leader in her community, serving as a teacher and administrator in the district education office. Often, she leads Bible studies at her workplace on Wednesdays, always ready to give a reason for the hope that lies within her.

PRAYER UPDATE: Glimpses of Healing in Kenya


Gladys Mwiti offers prayers of thanksgiving in her Oasis Africa office.

The last time we heard from Gladys Mwiti, Langham Scholar and founder/CEO of Oasis Africa counseling center, she was asking us to pray for strength as she and her team prepared to comfort the victims of the Westgate mall shootings in Nairobi, Kenya. It’s been almost two months since the attack, and Oasis Africa has counseled nearly 3,000 survivors and their families, and will continue to do so throughout the next year.

Today, she reports that while there is a peace that has settled in Nairobi—many are struggling with mistrust and hyper vigilance toward those of Somali and Islamic origin. “(These are) all normal responses after a human-inflicted incident the magnitude of the Westgate mall attack,” she says. “We are engaging this reality all the time with the survivors and believe that as healing flows, co-existence will also flow.”

Gladys catches glimpses of the God who heals every day. It reminds her of the rest that can be found in trusting God’s sovereignty. “We end each day knowing that healing is all about connections . . . with God, one another, and our communities.”

Ways to Pray

  • Pray for adequate resources to sustain the ongoing counseling effort throughout the next year.
  • Pray that Gladys and the Oasis Africa team would be strengthened as they selflessly pour themselves into a ministry of healing.
  • Pray for unity for the people of Kenya.


Creating a Movement of Biblical Preaching

We’re so grateful for the response to our “Help Us Train 1,000 Pastors” challenge. Your gifts and prayers go a long way toward providing the training and mentoring needed so that pastors like Freddy Pascual can faithfully bring God’s word to His people.

Recently trained by Langham in Bolivia, Freddy says, “ Langham ministry helped me greatly. Firstly by showing that the teaching must not be superficial, but deep and clear. I can now say with conviction that my sermons are getting better, and I pray that God will help me keep seeking and improving in the exposition of God’s word.”

It’s not too late to support hundreds more like Freddy. Donate now to make a secure online gift.


“The church has a double responsibility in relation to the world around us. On the one hand we are to live, serve and witness in the world. On the other hand we are to avoid becoming contaminated by the world. So we are neither to seek to preserve our holiness by escaping from the world nor to sacrifice our holiness by conforming to the world.”

John Stott, The Radical Disciple: Some Neglected Aspects of Our Calling