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24 November 2020 |

Langham is currently supporting the PhD studies of 84 future theological leaders—godly men and women who go on to shape their nations for Christ as they start and teach in seminaries, author evangelical resources, develop ministries and multiply disciples. Langham Scholar *Hami, pictured here, trains students who spread the Gospel in a sensitive region.

*Sahib and *Sheza are a missionary couple who spent over 15 years leading church planting work in a remote tribe of a sensitive South Asian country. In that time, the tiny community of 9 believers grew to 100,000. Still—the burden they felt to provide better training to missionaries led them to seminary, where they studied under Langham Scholar *Hami (pictured above).

As professor and academic dean at her seminary, Hami is investing her time equipping the future pastors and leaders who will plant and shepherd churches across South Asia. But it was because Langham first invested in Hami’s training that she’s now equipped to lead others.

With generosity from faithful partners like you, Langham provided the financial support and mentoring Hami needed to pursue her PhD in theology. Today, she can train students like Sahib and Sheza, who in turn are training hundreds more to bring the Gospel to remote tribes in their region.

Sahib and Sheza say Hami helped them see the importance of bringing God’s Word into the local concerns and beliefs of indigenous tribes they serve. Today, as a result of their training under Hami, they are pioneering new methods at one of the largest missions schools in a country where Christians are a minority under pressure. In three years, they have helped train 100+ new missionaries to bring Christ into the hearts and cultures of God’s people across the country.

As a friend and supporter of Langham, your partnership helps equip leaders like Dr. Hami, who in turn raise up leaders like Sahib and Sheza. In fact, studies by outside agency Excellence in Giving show that just one Langham Scholar will train 7,733* more leaders for the global church—3x more than they would without a PhD. (Just imagine 7,733 more Sahib’s and Sheza’s trained and proclaiming the Good News!)

Hami says, “When I see this multiplication, it motivates me to do what I do. I know it’s not simple multiplication, but multiplication on a logarithmic scale . . . We are so proud to see the many different ways God uses the investment Langham has placed into us.” The ministry of Langham is grateful for your faithful prayers and support, which over the years has helped us support and mentor  300+ Langham Scholars like Hami around the world.

*All names are changed to protect those serving in sensitive regions.

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