Slavko’s Testimony: 3 Stories of Hope

27 March 2019 |

Slavko Hadžić uttered his first prayer to a God he didn’t yet believe in during the start of the Bosnian war. 

“God, if you exist, please help me now.”

God answered that prayer with a journey. It’s one that took Slavko from atheist to Jesus follower–and then to pastor with a passion to bring hope to Bosnia and Herzegovina, where most do not know Jesus. Today, after training from Langham, he is training other pastors and lay leaders to faithfully preach God’s Word throughout his region. 
Click to listen to Slavko share the story of how God transformed his heart, how Langham (through you) helped transform his preaching, and how that is opening the door to hope for people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

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About Slavko: Slavko is the regional coordinator for Langham Preaching in Bosnia. He pastors a local evangelical church in Sarajevo, and his work with Langham has him training preachers throughout the Balkans how to faithfully study and teach God’s Word. He teaches at a Bible school in Mostar and is the author of Cross on a Hill. Slavko and his wife live in Sarajevo.