Your 2021 Impact


Amidst a global pandemic, we give thanks at how you helped advance God’s Word in hard places with Langham!

You equipped theological leaders!

• Supported 84 students from 44 countries pursuing theological studies

• Celebrated the graduation of 19 scholars who have returned home to lead seminaries, launch salt and light ministries, and serve their nations for Christ

You helped Emad Botros of Lebanon complete PhD studies. He returned to teach at a seminary in Beirut, where he wants to help believers make the gospel relevant to their Middle Eastern context.

You delivered Bible study books!

  • Supplied 16,563 Bible-centered books to 633 Majority World colleges across 80 countries to help students grow and mature in Christ
  • Distributed 13,940 books to Majority World pastors, students, and ministry partners in need of study materials
  • Supported 22 indigenous publishers producing 55 heart-language titles

You sent books to seminary libraries like this one at Myanmar Evangelical Graduate School of Theology. They help students like Silvia (pictured) prepare for impactful ministry.

You trained pastors to teach God’s Word!

  • Held 204 training seminars, equipping 8,900+ pastors and lay leaders in 54 countries
  • Shepherded 1,147 preaching groups of 7-10 pastors and leaders meeting regularly for ongoing training and mentoring

You trained preachers in DR Congo and beyond. One local pastor trainer shares, “Churches are growing in quantity and quality because the true Word is being preached.”

Ways to Get Involved in 2022

  1. Listen to our podcast – Learn from the global church through On Mission with Chris Wright.
  2. Read articles on Voices – Check out our new platform for articles, videos, and insights from global Christian leaders.
  3. Explore and purchase books written by pastors and leaders serving on the frontlines of the global church.
  4. Make a gift that trains and resources the indigenous pastors and leaders who faithfully share the gospel in their communities and cultures.