‘Every meeting … is evidence of our unity in the Christian world’

7 July 2015

Russians and Ukrainians, together, writing a Bible Commentary Langham Literature is partnering with the Euro-Asian Accrediting Association (EAAA) in producing…
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United, committed, prophetic …

4 June 2015

a small moment of hope in Egypt Christian unity is not the primary aim of Langham’s ministry, but sometimes it…
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Rediscovering the Gospel in Romania

15 May 2015

“I look at their faces and I see quite a positive expression; it’s quite a good surprise.” That’s how Langham…
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God’s Word Today …

29 April 2015

In a rich diversity of voices Jocabed Solano is the National Coordinator and a facilitator of Langham Preaching in Panama….
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A Life Transformed

9 April 2015

Langham is equipping pastors who influence their congregations for Christ. This video shares the story of how God’s Word faithfully…
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Pastoring El Dorado!

2 April 2015

Preaching adventures in Honduras The name ‘El Dorado’ conjures up tales of extreme deprivation in search of a mythical city…
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‘Together, hand in hand, they now praise the Lord of lords …’

19 March 2015

Francophone Africa mourns the loss of two evangelical church leaders Francophone Africa mourns the loss, within two weeks from each…
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“I Came Here Because I Felt a Need”

9 March 2015

When John Stott wrote that Langham’s vision must be to “unashamedly capture the seminaries of the world for the Gospel,”…
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More time planning…

4 March 2015

‘The more time I take in planning … the less time I need for presentation’ Preachers’ training multiplication in rural…
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Delighting in the Trinity

26 February 2015

Indigenous publishing opens up minds in Thailand There has been an unprecedented interest in the gospel in Thailand. More than…
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