Slavic Bible Commentary launched

BY vmarsay | 22 November 2016 |

Landmark commentary launched in Ukraine – the first edition has already sold out Christian leaders from Russia and the Ukraine…
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‘Langham helped me stay in the message’

BY vmarsay | 9 November 2016 |

Pastor Bo leads a growing church in a remote province of Cambodia near the Thai border, where Buddhism is the…
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Watch: Why Langham?

BY kirakrieger | 8 November 2016 |

Why does Langham exist? Because this week,1,000 new churches will open their doors for the first time–and 8 in 10…
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‘I must admit, I did not always appreciate the editors…’

BY llewis | 3 October 2016 |
1, 2, 3 John

On writing 1, 2, 3 John in the Asia Bible Commentary Series For the writers of the first volumes in…
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Asia Commentary Series Launches in South Korea

BY kirakrieger | 21 September 2016 |

When typhoon Haiyan destroyed a large city in the Philippines in 2013, a five-year-old girl asked her parents why God had allowed…
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Trained, ready, and rearing to go!

BY llewis | 30 August 2016 |
The nine Spanish ‘Preaching’ regions

Tackling a centuries-old famine of the word The flourishing of a national Langham Preaching movement requires many ingredients. The LP…
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Watch: The Hand of God is Leading Me

BY kirakrieger | 18 August 2016 |

How can the Gospel reach a persecuted land? How can Jesus’ followers love their Muslim neighbors? Langham Scholars in Muslim-majority…
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Something to Hold on to in Bandung

BY kirakrieger | 2 August 2016 |

There is growth with depth inside St. Peter’s Church in Bandung, Indonesia, where the pastor, Daniel (not pictured), has been…
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Watch: “They sought to destroy all the books “

BY kirakrieger | 28 July 2016 |

If there’s any question about whether a pastor with God’s Word in his heart and on his lips can touch a…
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From Cleaning to Compassion to Confidence

BY llewis | 27 July 2016 |
GR-Macet by Serenity is licensed under CC BY SA 3.0 Source

A Scholar’s Wife’s Journey Early in 2015 we published the story of Denni Boy Saragih from Jakarta, who alongside his…
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